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My light in the darkness

In the bleakest darkness

Where light does not pervade

Through looming, lonely shadows

Leering through the brackish haze

I shall march on alone


With lively hope

Bright, Incendiary

I must thank you,

By whom I've been prepared.

Broken and recast,

And finally repaired.

You took my Love,

You took my youth.

You gave me wisdom,

You showed me truth.

I love as I live,

I learn as I lose,

Which one is better?

Who is to choose?

All for the best- I suppose its true-

that fate has coldly split our paths,

Divided us into two,

Giving the sting of love's wrath.

But the wounds will heal, leave me strong,

As I continue, move myself forward.

Marching on and on and on and on,

Though I know not what towards.
A poem I wrote, after my significant other and I broke up, due to huge, unexpected changes to the college and career plans we had. This isn't a poem where I'm bawling my eyes out or self-pitying. It's ment to be a poem of loss and learning, and it's still very rough.
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December 10, 2012
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